Leather Sofa

Leather sofa care tips

Leather lasts 4 – 5 times longer than any other upholstered fabric. With proper care, a good quality leather sofa is able to use for a whole life. Here are some leather care tips:

  • Maintain at least 2 feet between any heat source and the sofa
  • Avoid placing your leather furniture in direct sunlight
  • Simply wipe the sofa with a soft cloth every week to keep leather pores free from particles
  • Spills of food and beverages should be wiped up using a damp cloth with light soap, such as liquid hand soap
  • Ink marks, grease, blood, urine, was or gum should be removed using a professional leather cleaner

Electrical and Manual Recliner Sofa

Electrical and Manual Recliner Sofa User Guide and Caring Tips

  • Avoid placing anything beneath the metal frame of the recliner. It may cause damage to the parts.
  • Keep an eye on your children and pets while activating the reclining mechanism to avoid trapping any body part.
  • Please do not press more than one button at a time to avoid mechanical failure.
  • When activating the reclining mechanism, sit as far back as possible in the chair so that the body weight is behind the mid-point of the chair.
  • Don’t sit or stand on the armrest, backrest or the raised footrest; don’t get on or off a
    sofa while the footrest is raised to avoid overloading and causing damage to the
  • It is normal for sound to be generated while the reclining mechanism is in operation.
  • Uneven height and gap may occur between the different modules of the headrest, backrest and the seat cushions.
  • For pregnant women, people with reduced mobility or physical disability, please consult your doctor before use.

Glass Furniture Parts


Glass is used for some table tops, and doors of cabinets and bookcases. It resists most chemicals and stains. It can be permanently scratched, therefore it is suggested not to move rough objects across it, and do not use abrasives on it.


Clean with mild alkaline solution, such as 2 tablespoons ammonia to 1 liter water and polish dry with paper towels. A commercial glass cleaner may be used. Be very careful that no glass cleaner should get on the wood surrounding the glass as it can damage the wood finish.


Mattress Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance is the key to extend the life of your mattress. Follow the instructions below to give your mattress the best care:

  • To minimize indentation and enhance the comfort and support level, rotate the mattress end to end and upside down every 2 to 3 months excluding the mattress with Pillow top or Euro top mattress.
  • Avoid using the mattress on wire mesh or any foundation with weak support, Mattress with individual Pocketed Coils cannot be used on slatted bed frame.
  • Do not iron clothes or place any heat source on mattress to prevent damage.
  • Do not stand or jump on the mattress, sit on the edge, or allow heavy pressure on any particular area of the mattress as it may cause damage to the pad and the spring coils.
  • Avoid using corrosive agents to clean the mattress.
  • Always place a bed sheet and mattress cover on top.
  • Keep it dry to extend the life of a mattress.
  • Do not place the mattress directly on floor, as the moisture may affect the quality of the mattress.
  • Regularly rotate your mattress can reduce normal body impression on upholstery; it is normal with sinking less than 2.54cm after usage.